Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Basically the pronunciation is not that different.  you can stress it a little but in general most people  don't hear a difference and rely on the context to know the difference.
Here though you will find that the /r/ sound is much different than the /l/ and you have to work on making the /l/ light and with the tongue on the top teeth.
I asked the class for some sample words and said the words so they could get the idea.  Punctuation is a pretty boring lesson but they mentioned words with these sounds when talking about music genres. 
We found the /f/ and /p/ sounds were also problematic for some and I just reminded them to close their lips for /p' and let air move through for /f/.  some made a bit of a /v/ sound so I warned against that.
Here were their instructions for their group work.  Next  class they will tell us about a song and play it for us.  hahaha  "IN GENERAL!!" sic

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