Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Answers for week by week assignments

Chapter 3 was about numbers and dealing with collecting data.
Chapter 4 was presenting data in charts and the idea they had here was for a student or group of students to conduct a survey and report what they found.  Such as: the most popular vacation destination or how much time you spend waiting for the bus.  One student suggested counting how many people are on the bus so we could track how busy it is. The Graph about your whole life idea was redacted.  The explanation of charting your day made a lot of sense when explained.  You could plot how much time you spent doing various things like sleeping, studying, etc.

For Chapter 6 the book looks at following up after a presentation and how to deal with questions the audience has as well and asking appropriate questions.

This team emphasized concluding and remembering to repeat the point especially if you are making a 20 minute presentation as compared to a 2 minute presentation.  I gave examples of remembering someone's name or an appointment by repeating it in conversation. 

Presentations planning meeting

This class is mostly English majors and a few other students whose English is rather good.  It is quite interesting and at the same time rather odd. I had them look through what is left in the book and contribute to our syllabus design for the second half of the semester. 
I rearranged teh seats today into a horseshoe style formation so we could see each group better as they explained their ideas after discussion separately.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

what you say??

beautiful trees blossoming a little late here.
an audience waiting for their turn to give a speech.
a self introduction.


a very dark room but what could go wrong in presentations class?
besides having the filter needing a cleaning?  Well once everyone downloaded their files the computer simple shut off....

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The girl in the light blue jacket on the end really carried the show.  the Statue of liberty was a pretty cool idea.  
the blanket was used well as a blanket making it look like she was sleeping just before I took this picture.
This team of 2 worked out quite well.  they played many different characters.

second class

Family on an outing.  The use of car and restaurant was added to by great acting.
the last team talked about death but the soju bottle team did alcoholism.


Cool colour photos attached to Styrofoam plates.
this team was missing a player for the first 30 minutes of class and were supposed to go first.
I collected a copy of their script before class and reminded them the week before to print me off a copy.

Sophmore midterms

great idea going to England by plane and then sightseeing.
stealing money from MOM!!
crazy aunt visiting that forgets everyone.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

50 q

50 Questions made by students.  ended up being a lot of ones about hotdogs.
looks messy but I like changing Korean names into romanized versions to demonstrate pronunciation and get them familiar with English use.
after making the 50 questions into a list we numbered them and had each victim pick 5.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ra midterm

This worked out alright in my first class.  I collected them all and they gave questions or orders to the next student picked.  i marked the speaker and the listener.  points were deducted for having to translate and I told them the translator lost points for not using only English.  If a student didn't understand the question they were allowed to repeat it in English.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Midterm speeches

two different Freshmen classes with teh same assignment.  I had them write speeches today and they will give them next week.  we only meet once a week.
Same info.  Just written a bit differently in another room.  I wonder if my explanation gets better or worse??

Midterm family drama

Class is writing scripts to perform next week
I allowed them to pick their own team and mostly it was people who knew each other.  I like mixing the class up but same majors usually work better together for this.
The girls in the back are all good friends.  the group by the door contains two girls that are friends and a guy and nother girl who moved a round a lot.
I figured this would test their ability to work together and develop a script.  It also has them perform which we have been working on but they mostly haven't done any characters other than themselves.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Late show

We looked at a timeline for Christian Agularia and red a bit about her life.  Then I played a song or two and we to he being a guest on the late show in different years.  We then divided the room up into Guests and hosts and I used initials to organise who was interviewing who and we tried to use a talk show format then they performed.
very short but at least they tried.
she was shocked I took their picture.


These two put a fair bit of effort in.  The guy on the left worked hard.
The girl on the right is really shy.
these two had lots of fun.  Glad the students that did come to my class did.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I asked about the Korean word to take attendance and a girl wrote it.
Cisse wrote the answers to his listening part.
A couple students had to leave to go take a bartending course.

Write the sentence you hear

Cisse, passionate explaining pronunciation and listening.
same suits since it is uniform day.

Reduced speech

Cisse played the CD for their listening activity.  We has been working on for 3 weeks.
Numbers were very thin since they had a lot of "LEPORTS" to hand in for other classes.  Teaching non-credit classes is futile.

RIP: Margaret Thatcher

RIP: Margaret Thatcher

Monday, 8 April 2013


I ended the class with this info about when to use dollars and when to use dollar.  We were talking about describing clothes but I thought the principle held water.  " O have a $70 jacket" and " I have $70"  in one case it is a noun and the other an adjective.
the math may not look right but basically I was saying if it is one dollar than no plural but be careful it has to be a noun.
I was just pointing out that we say jeans and t-shirt.  not jean unless it is connected to a noun.  Also I hear t-shirts when Koreans say T-shirt.
I think the Korean words or Konglish expression is interfering.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Relationships and gossip

dang.  I had wanted to snap a pic of the instructions I put on the board.  They were something like 1. write a script wit ha partner similar to the one in the book.  2. Use a celebrity / famous person as your news. 3. give and get news.  4.  Practice and prepare to preform in the front of the room.  We just did some listening about relationship status such as married  divorced, etc and changing.  I had them write their initials in the script instead of A:, B:, A: B:  like in the book and had the partner make his/her own copy.  I graded their effort and skill on a scale of 20-25.
Today we were continuing with relationship words and did martial status.  I paired them up with their neighbour and had them copy the dialogue and add some famous people and their status.  It wasn't too bad.  I graded their dialogue and explained a little about marks.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Class shoy
I really like this class.  Their English is not very good but it is starting to gel.  They mixed up a bit and we did groups of 3 to talk about our family.  They used a family tree that they made while I did attendance and checked that their name in English was spelled the way they preferred on my list.
Upside down but prob the best tree with pictures drawn in.  She is a top Notch student and does some work in our T. A. office.  Always does a good job and is very interested in English.
I wanted them to have name and relationship marked so it would be easier to explain about their family in English using terms like "How big is your family?" and "What is your family like?"  They could also talk about who they resemble or what characteristics they take after from relatives.