Monday, 20 May 2013

Students hard at it

bit of a fast one but their English is great.  Just miss a lot of classes.  The yare interviewing one another to write a paragrapgh on the other.
we put names in a hat and randomly drew.  these lucky (unlucky?) two drew each other.  They are often partners but I wanted the random draw to force them to work with someone new.  I don't tempt fate though.  So I stood true to the draw.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Gentlemen have wheels
teaching in the building where they do things with wheel chairs.

Routine vs change

talking about changing routine due to a holiday but at the same time holiday routines are similar.
trying to say how you are doing something out of the ordinary for some reason.
that picture is a lantern.  Buddhist festival, otherwise not a very common word.


ok I got carried away but telling time and quarters go hand in hand.
locations on a map and guessing where someone is.
talking about what people are doing in the picture provided in the book.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Hating Breitbart

Hating Breitbart  Does news make it?

The Language of Once Upon a Time : Advice from a Wordsmith: Who are you characterizin...

The Language of Once Upon a Time : Advice from a Wordsmith: Who are you characterizin...: Sleeping Giant, M Snyder Great advice from Zoe on writing dialogue: Results of too much Latin in the author's lingo Lite...

Gender roles and brand names

Why is it my book never uses real brands and men are always whining.
It was fun to point out that paper doesn't write on and speakers don't listen.  I think there must be some odd translation where Subjects and Objects don't matter...


I was talking about vocabulary and defining inventions.  I got on to the fact that English conversation books rarely use real brands and just substitute made up places like A1 Electronics.  Plus English words that have made their way into Korean are confusing since they aren't used the same way in English.
Speaking of tech.  4 kids were waiting for their class and just stood around using their phones.  the Smart pone is ubiquitous   

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Articles cause grammar

This is a very low level class but two students aren't freshmen and their english is very good.  It is hard to teach very very basic stuff when 10% of the students are near fluent.  I told them to look at the vocab first.  Also the importance of understanding grammar to know the difference between same sounding words.
In the book we were doing things on your desk and noting the use of a pencil or some books etc.  I explained that the spelling of a word or the written letters are not the same as the sound.
I used the word "read" to demonstrate different pronunciation of the same word if it is present or past.  the point was that grammar tells us the pronunciation.
This may look odd but I was trying to explain "my family number is 4 or I have 4 families" sounds weird in English.  Also that single is one and plural is 2 and more than one.


just some questions you could ask in a restaurant.
Had a pair work together to make their own related questions to wrap up the unit on food.
Just Eliciting ideas to react and give my thoughts on.