Thursday, 28 March 2013

Refined functions

So i taught the same lesson to the next class and the directions got better i thought but more students misunderstood...

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Communication skills
We investigated areas of misunderstanding and tried to convince students to spend less energy focused on individual sounds and look at spoken English in more of a big picture way where the stress and meaning changes the pronunciation of individual sounds.  As well we looked at some Rhythm and other characteristics of speech.  Cisse translated much of what he said into Korean and tried to capture their interest but it was a little too difficult or at least not easily put into practice.
Students went and got their uniforms after this class and were excited to get something.  The class is starting to gel with a few groups forming.


So today we looked at a dialogue on inviting and declining.  I emphasized the negotiation and reading of hidden messages.  We shouldn't really just ask if someone is free since it kind of ruins their excuse.  also excuses are often not 100% truthful.  We should be mindful of our partner's feelings but be comfortable enough to express our preference.  Their task was to create a script and include these features.  

Countable difference

More than 1 and compare
We were looking at "this" and that" in the book and using it to select between two or more options such as buying sunglasses or cellphones.  We were careful to note whether they were single items or plural.
When comparing or choosing we can differentiate between physical characteristics or other less tangible ones such as style.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


not sure how to rotate this but I very much like the sentiment and sincerity in the excuse for missing my class.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Freshmen hard at it.

20 students.  3 books in my earlier freshmen class today.  Talk about a tough room!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Basically the pronunciation is not that different.  you can stress it a little but in general most people  don't hear a difference and rely on the context to know the difference.
Here though you will find that the /r/ sound is much different than the /l/ and you have to work on making the /l/ light and with the tongue on the top teeth.
I asked the class for some sample words and said the words so they could get the idea.  Punctuation is a pretty boring lesson but they mentioned words with these sounds when talking about music genres. 
We found the /f/ and /p/ sounds were also problematic for some and I just reminded them to close their lips for /p' and let air move through for /f/.  some made a bit of a /v/ sound so I warned against that.
Here were their instructions for their group work.  Next  class they will tell us about a song and play it for us.  hahaha  "IN GENERAL!!" sic

Music to my ears

It is still early in the semester so I am using students' names written in English to build spelling and useful for checking what another student said.  We divided up into a few groups based on music genre.  
This class is a little clicky.  but I wanted the students to work with someone other than their close friends for a change.  It was a struggle to have them pick different genres than their friend but I think it paid off.  they spoke a little about the type and prepared for a presentation.
They will give a presentation next class on one song as a team.  I played one song as an example and told them what I knew about Reggae.  "Get up stand up!!"
I added a couple questions to help them get their conversation started. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

List of jobs

Students were in groups of 4 and one team member went to the board and wrote a list of jobs for us to use for the rest of the class.  partners shouted out names and ideas.
about 26 students.  Mostly very energetic.
I like having students write on the board instead of me all the time so they feel they are bringing something to the class that we can use.

Monday, 18 March 2013

My second class today

all the students were hard at work doing some pair activities.  One girl caught me snapping a pic.  I love that the rooms are bigger than what we got stuck with at my last school.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hw check

Went over their homework and focussed on intonation to fill the words with meaning.


Debates were a little too difficult for the class.  20 questions was more their speed.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Two freshmen classes in morning.   first with 20 and second with 12.  First had a couple that english wasnt that bad.  Second class knew very little English.  I went over the syllabus by asking questions and having them circle or underline to demonstrate understanding.  Learned some names and departments.  In second class did groups of three.


Did a bit on the student's experience presenting.  Some pitfalls and advice.  Some examples were a presentation on Venus where the file crashed and the student ended up drawing on the board and lost the plot.  Disaster.  Others included just reading and having no eye contact.  We heard that presenting in a foreign language makes it even harder.  Even if your English is good and you feel comfortable doing group work, once you are all alone in the front of the class things can go awry.  I will try to update with pic from the book.

We looked at how presenters opened.  Usually introducing themselves  their position, their topic, who the intended audience is, and a bit on varying levels of formality.  Homework was to prepare the opening to a talk on one of 3 topics.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

7 week presentations

First half of presentations week by week break down

Sophmore week 2

Did titles.  Nationality and occupation.  Fuctions introduce people and lowering levels of formality.  Started conjunctions too.
This guy is a tool.  A couple students were unsure about what was last name fro themselves and put hometown in for occupation.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I watched a bit then skipped ahead to 10:30.  This is simply amazing.  
Nice colour scheme.  hard frame in the back.  I wonder if the little springs on the seat will give any comfort?  No front fender.  Big fat front tire.  Terrible in the rain.
I really could use a box of Oreos right now. 

Presentations class

We went over some week by week syllabus ideas.  I will organise tomorrow.  Mostly speech ideas and variations.  We will do introducing our self our home town or future next week.
One team suggested Music as a topic.  Their speech could be talking about a song or album.  Also they could play the song after or make a speech about watching a band they saw or take a bunch of artists and group them.  Singers or celebrities could be imitated.  And the If question can be modified to "If you could be an animal which one would you be or "If ...".  The Blue lettering was advice so we could give a speech on advice or just look at cultural differences and misunderstandings.  Most importantly the students have to be involved and participate to get something worthwhile out of class.
The same team mentioned Sports so they could talk about a sport they liked or one they didn't get into.  Players and their history or personality could be a possible topic.  Another team said easy topics for them were Family but we have to be careful not to come off as smug so I liked the idea of avoiding pitfalls.  Friends are a good source of material.  School could just be a wide open free topic.
Movies are really just stories so What movie impressed you and why plus a poster would be nice.  Actor or star is another easy place to start a speech from.  Either imitating him for diversity and to lighten the mood or recapping the performances he's made.  The avoid group is a good way to look at things you don't want to do.  They mentioned slang and incomprehensible expressions.  They meant pay attention and express yourself if stated positively.   They suggested clear speech was the ideal.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sophmore board day 2

Example answers elicited
These are answers students gave and then reported to us.  I told them that Hobby sounds like an old fashioned word but can be used for clarification.  Also lives and is living in is pretty much the same.
I had one girl spell Sophmore since we went over it last day.  Also talked about Her, she, his, and he a little.  20 or twenty is fine for me.
Both major or majoring is fine if used with the right her or she.  I mentioned counting number of family members is a little odd and most people use brother s and sisters.

Presentations board day 1

I introduced giving a speech by talking about an exchange i had earlier that day.  I then asked the students to each tell me one thing i had said.  Finally they chose one topic and made their own speech on it.
Duck is difficult to pronounce and can be heard as Korean rice cake or dog.  Also Copy often sounds like coffee.
my story was about using the # key on the photocopier.  It was about learning something and I tried to stress putting yourself in the other person's shoes in most situations.   

Sophmore day 2

His favorite singer is Vibe.
His favorite season is Spring.
She lives in Seoul.
Her major is Food Nutrition.
Her favorite sport is baseball.
Her favorite color is white.
Her favorite TV program is Mudo.
She has a dog.
His favorite sport is basketball.
Her shoe size is 230.
Her birthday is October 11th.

Presentations Syllabus

YONG IN University

Kevin Landry



Dept. of International Relations

Tue/Thur 15:35


Book: English for Presentations by Marion Grussendorf, Oxford 2015

Objectives: This class will prepare you for giving a speech in English with
others that can’t speak Korean and evaluating how well a public speaker is

Method: We will measure what you can do and help you say it better. You
will listen to others and improve your vocabulary and become better at
understanding English by observing and analyzing popular conventions and
practicing real world professional communication.


1. Students should attend all classes.

2. Be prepared to participate in all activities.

3. Actively contribute ideas and experience to others.

4. Respect other students and teacher.

Participation 30%

Quiz/ Presentation 30%

Exams 40%

Sophmore Syllabus

YONG IN University



Mr. Landry

Rm. 8105

Dept. of International Relations ph. 031 8020 2854

Mon 12:40/ Thur 9:25


Book: Top Notch 1 by Joan Saslow Allen Ascher Longman Pearson

Objectives: This class will prepare you for using English with others that
can’t speak Korean.

Method: We will measure what you can do and help you say it better. You
will listen to other students and improve vocabulary and become better at
understanding English by observing and analyzing popular expressions and
practicing real communication.


1. Students should attend all classes.

2. Be prepared to participate in all activities.

3. Actively contribute ideas and experience to others.

4. Respect other students and teacher.

Participation 30%

Quiz/ Presentation 30%

Exams 40%

Sophmore day 1

Yongin University K. Landry

Sophomore English Day one

A second-year university or high school student.

Monday ~> Mon.
M T W Th F S S
Tu, Th, Tues. Thurs.
Sat. Sun.

12:35 am, pm, noon, midnight, etc.

Every week, twice a week, 15 weeks,

Task ~ Line up by height.  Tallest to least tall.

Tell us your name and height.  

Counting 1~20

Dividing into groups of 2, 3, 4

Word association, Book, pen, etc.

Foods, Drinks, examples of connected answers and measuring best.