Thursday, 7 March 2013

Presentations class

We went over some week by week syllabus ideas.  I will organise tomorrow.  Mostly speech ideas and variations.  We will do introducing our self our home town or future next week.
One team suggested Music as a topic.  Their speech could be talking about a song or album.  Also they could play the song after or make a speech about watching a band they saw or take a bunch of artists and group them.  Singers or celebrities could be imitated.  And the If question can be modified to "If you could be an animal which one would you be or "If ...".  The Blue lettering was advice so we could give a speech on advice or just look at cultural differences and misunderstandings.  Most importantly the students have to be involved and participate to get something worthwhile out of class.
The same team mentioned Sports so they could talk about a sport they liked or one they didn't get into.  Players and their history or personality could be a possible topic.  Another team said easy topics for them were Family but we have to be careful not to come off as smug so I liked the idea of avoiding pitfalls.  Friends are a good source of material.  School could just be a wide open free topic.
Movies are really just stories so What movie impressed you and why plus a poster would be nice.  Actor or star is another easy place to start a speech from.  Either imitating him for diversity and to lighten the mood or recapping the performances he's made.  The avoid group is a good way to look at things you don't want to do.  They mentioned slang and incomprehensible expressions.  They meant pay attention and express yourself if stated positively.   They suggested clear speech was the ideal.

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