Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Presentations Syllabus

YONG IN University

Kevin Landry



Dept. of International Relations

Tue/Thur 15:35


Book: English for Presentations by Marion Grussendorf, Oxford 2015

Objectives: This class will prepare you for giving a speech in English with
others that can’t speak Korean and evaluating how well a public speaker is

Method: We will measure what you can do and help you say it better. You
will listen to others and improve your vocabulary and become better at
understanding English by observing and analyzing popular conventions and
practicing real world professional communication.


1. Students should attend all classes.

2. Be prepared to participate in all activities.

3. Actively contribute ideas and experience to others.

4. Respect other students and teacher.

Participation 30%

Quiz/ Presentation 30%

Exams 40%

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