Sunday, 7 April 2013

Relationships and gossip

dang.  I had wanted to snap a pic of the instructions I put on the board.  They were something like 1. write a script wit ha partner similar to the one in the book.  2. Use a celebrity / famous person as your news. 3. give and get news.  4.  Practice and prepare to preform in the front of the room.  We just did some listening about relationship status such as married  divorced, etc and changing.  I had them write their initials in the script instead of A:, B:, A: B:  like in the book and had the partner make his/her own copy.  I graded their effort and skill on a scale of 20-25.
Today we were continuing with relationship words and did martial status.  I paired them up with their neighbour and had them copy the dialogue and add some famous people and their status.  It wasn't too bad.  I graded their dialogue and explained a little about marks.

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