Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Answers for week by week assignments

Chapter 3 was about numbers and dealing with collecting data.
Chapter 4 was presenting data in charts and the idea they had here was for a student or group of students to conduct a survey and report what they found.  Such as: the most popular vacation destination or how much time you spend waiting for the bus.  One student suggested counting how many people are on the bus so we could track how busy it is. The Graph about your whole life idea was redacted.  The explanation of charting your day made a lot of sense when explained.  You could plot how much time you spent doing various things like sleeping, studying, etc.

For Chapter 6 the book looks at following up after a presentation and how to deal with questions the audience has as well and asking appropriate questions.

This team emphasized concluding and remembering to repeat the point especially if you are making a 20 minute presentation as compared to a 2 minute presentation.  I gave examples of remembering someone's name or an appointment by repeating it in conversation. 

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