Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Articles cause grammar

This is a very low level class but two students aren't freshmen and their english is very good.  It is hard to teach very very basic stuff when 10% of the students are near fluent.  I told them to look at the vocab first.  Also the importance of understanding grammar to know the difference between same sounding words.
In the book we were doing things on your desk and noting the use of a pencil or some books etc.  I explained that the spelling of a word or the written letters are not the same as the sound.
I used the word "read" to demonstrate different pronunciation of the same word if it is present or past.  the point was that grammar tells us the pronunciation.
This may look odd but I was trying to explain "my family number is 4 or I have 4 families" sounds weird in English.  Also that single is one and plural is 2 and more than one.

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