Monday, 2 December 2013


I like talking about the future with students.  How certain they are of something happening.  How we base our prediction on past events and how we try to follow in the path of a successful person hoping to be successful ourselves.  A few of my students are a little low for this philosophy though and when I was eliciting some ideas my first student's response of "SOLDIER" told me that the grammar and nuances of probably, might and "I'm going to +V"  was way over their heads. 
I like to draw out a timeline to encourage them to say when in the future and go a little farther than "after class".  Although in one class " I will hit him after class"  was funny as a girl said it about a big judo major and the next girl said she would kick him.  Really funny class.
Going to may be used for a plan but I had students saying stuff like "going to home after class"  LOL.  

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